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Web app that connects people looking for caregivers for their pets where individuals can seek for additional work opportunities.

Web app was created with pet owners in mind, wishing to provide their pets with the highest standard of care, even when they themselves are too busy. The project was born out of a passion for animals and the desire to create a comprehensive solution that would facilitate owners in caring for the well-being and happiness of their pets.

Project stages

Workshops and Planning:
The first step was to define the project's goals and determine expectations regarding the portal's functions and capabilities. During the project workshops, the main business objectives were discussed, such as ensuring easy access to high-quality pet care services and creating a convenient communication platform between petsitters and owners, as well as building a community of animal lovers.

User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Design:
During the development of the portal prototype, designers created various interface sketches, considering the portal's structure, navigation, layout, and aesthetics. UI design aimed to ensure readability, intuitiveness, and consistency of elements on the site. Based on the UI designs, interactive Hi-Fi prototypes were created to simulate user interaction with the portal. These prototypes included clickable elements for testing functionality and navigation.

Programming and Implementation:
At this stage, developers focused on implementing the backend of the portal, including business logic and database structure. Simultaneously, frontend developers worked on implementing the user interface, including all elements visible to users, such as pages, forms, buttons, or animations. The entire coding process required collaboration between different teams and continuous communication and coordination of activities. As a result, a comprehensive platform was created, capable of providing high-quality services related to pet care.

Beta Testing:
After the implementation phase, the portal underwent intensive testing, including unit and integration testing. The functionality of individual features, performance, security, and responsiveness of the portal on different devices were tested.


Selected portal functionalities

Pet Care Service Reservation:
Users can browse petsitter profiles and book various services such as dog walking, one-day, or multi-day care.

Petsitter Search:
The portal enables pet owners to search for caregivers based on various criteria such as location, availability of dates, prices, reviews from other users, etc.

Creation of Petsitter Profiles:
Petsitters can create their own profiles where they can present their experience, skills, offered services, prices, and share photos of their pets or previous clients.

Reviews and Ratings:
After completing the service, both petsitters and pet owners can leave reviews and ratings, which helps build trust in the community and supports the decision-making process.

Notification System:
The portal sends notifications to users about important events, such as upcoming reservations, changes in the schedule, new reviews, etc., to keep them informed at all times.

Schedule Management:
Petsitters can manage their work schedule by specifying availability, accepting reservations, and planning meetings with clients, allowing them to efficiently manage their time and resources.

Secure Online Payments:
The portal enables secure online payments for pet care services, ensuring transparency and convenience for both transaction parties.


Benefits and Results:

Milo.pet portal is a comprehensive tool that facilitates pet owners in finding care for their pets and enables caregivers to manage their services efficiently and conveniently.

Easier Access to Care:
Pet owners have easier access to a variety of pet care services, making it easier to find caregivers who meet their needs.

Increased Trust:
Reviews and ratings from other users help build trust in caregivers, allowing pet owners to feel more confident entrusting the care of their animals to them.

More Effective Schedule Management:
Caregivers can more effectively manage their work schedules by specifying availability and accepting reservations in an automated manner.

Our platform offers a wide range of pet care services and convenient tools that allow for easy schedule management, secure online payments, and building trust through reviews and ratings. We aim to help thousands of pet owners and caregivers in their daily care of animals, creating positive and long-lasting relationships between them.

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