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Pet Care Web App: Web app connecting pet caretakers with their owners.


Flexible web app created for pet owners who want to provide their pets with the highest standard of care even when they themselves are too busy.


The web app offers various care options that can be tailored to individual needs. Owners can choose from services such as dog walking, daycare, and multi-day care..


of Poles have a pet at home


of Polish pet owners have a dog

7,1 mln

estimated number of cats in Poland

A KPI information collection app that tracks and presents key performance metrics.

The problem

What drives sales, how well are products promoted and what is performing best affects the structure and decisions of the entire enterprise. Measurement and systematic assessment of key indicators (KPIs) is key.

The solution

We designed and developed a system where users can import scattered data in one place, and all summaries, reports and presentations are generated automatically allowing for fast business intelligence overview.


The time needed to generate summaries and rankings as interactive graphs or PDF report

50 000

indicators affecting the results in particular rankings and summaries


the number of countries using the app for their rankings and summaries

Transportation management software improving communication between driver and dispatcher and orders control.

The problem

Logistics is where decision-making speed and efficiency are crucial and where errors can generate very high operating costs.

The solution

We created management system that allows the control of availability and condition of vehicles and drivers. Creating full awareness of the costs associated with each freight movement.


the time needed to find, filter out and use cost information for all freights on the route


Integrations with external API’s that automate the order, refueling, and commissioning process.


the average response time of the scripts and server to any of the actions in the management panel

Bespoke utility vehicles sales supporting app

The problem

In utility vehicles industrie, there was no platform where buyers could communicate, make enquiries and order commercial vehicles efficiently.

The solution

We designed and developed a comprehensive bespoke app that allows users to configure utility vehicles and send quotation requests to selected suppliers.

20 000 +

possible intersections and combinations of utility vehicles and bodies


user account types with completely different features and associations


Interconnected tools that facilitate stock exchange, offers swap as well as configurations

Mental Health Services Portal: Web app aimed at delivering effective and accessible therapeutic services for individuals seeking support.


The goal of the project was to create an intuitive, secure, and easily accessible online portal enabling remote therapy sessions for clients worldwide.


We wanted to provide users with a comfortable and confidential space to share their emotions and problems while also enabling them to access services from professional therapists.

1,5 mln

people in Poland suffer from depression


of Poles struggle with anxiety disorders


of Poles suffer from some form of addiction

Support requests and team management online app.

The problem

Project management can be very chaotic and time-consuming. Repetitive activities can cause problems in information flow and communication, which we have decided to improve.

The solution

We have planned and implemented an app that allows full control of requests history, cost control and efficient information flow without the need to repeat and duplicate the work.


reduced implementation time and transfer of a critical request to a specialist from 3 hours to 30 minutes


resolved, acknowledged or assigned requests within first hour


requests carried out by specialists without any need to further clarify the request

Equestrian Social Network: A social network created specifically for horse enthusiasts and riders!


We wanted to create a platform where horse and riding enthusiasts can meet, share their experiences, and build lasting bonds with other lovers of these majestic animals.


The project team focused on creating an intuitive and scalable interface. It was important for users to easily find their favorite features while also having access to new and interesting content.

300 th.

people in Poland actively ride horses

45 th.

horse breeders registered in studbooks


equestrian clubs registered in the Polish Equestrian Federation (PZJ)

Bespoke sales presentation and orders management software generating personalized PDF offers.

The problem

In the insurance industry, customer relationships and understanding of needs are key. There is no viable standardized solution for effective presentation-to-quotation workflow.

The solution

We designed and developed an online presentation software that guides users to the appropriate slides and decision based paths, allowing overview of how presentation was performed by the representative.


the average number of charts in presentations


presentations delivered and PDFs generated

the number of possible user combinations and paths

Innovative seasonal products delivery management software.

The problem

Innovative commerce structure and distribution require software that will improve as many processes as possible. Especially in the catering industry, where time is crucial.

The solution

We designed and developed a software that allows extensive deliveries planning. It can generate shipping lists, provides extensive data analysis and inventory information.


orders completed and delivered without shipment related errors


sales increase month-on-month


percentage of food waste with optimal supply management


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