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We design, implement and develop high complexity digital products.

We create solutions to optimize processes, support sales, and improve end user satisfaction. Our experience allows us to effectively analyze and quickly deploy the end product.

Custom software development

Our processes and highly specialized team of designers, developers, testers and product managers allows us to discover, ideate, design, develop, test and improve any software that we create. We understand technology as a mean to creating optimized, fast and maintainable software and consider technology choice as one of our main tasks during initial software ideation and design stage.

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Application Design UI/UX

Digital products require flawless user experiences that engage users in a simple, understandable and friendly user interface. We analyze, design, prototype and test user interfaces that work for your projects advantage. We love challenges, new ideas, innovative projects that require deep product understanding and user types and motivations.

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Agile development teams

Agile development allows for fast, effective and target oriented digital products creation. Our agile teams consist of highly skilled developers, UI and UX designers, testers, DevOps and product managers. We are able to help in software development with full agile teams, individual specialists or with project management.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our experience led us to develop processes that provide clear overview of costs and schedule allowing us to provide best value without impacting user experiences and cutting on functionalities. We understand that SaaS development is a continues process that requires reliable software engineers.

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Custom KPI dashboards software

We design and develop dashboards for data representation allowing and connecting different data sources. We specialize in Excel to DB conversions, API’s integrations and legacy DB transformations. Our experience allows us to create efficient and trustworthy ecosystems allowing teams to focus on improving their performance.

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Bespoke workflow optimization software

Bespoke workflow optimization software can almost instantly improve on processes minimize number of errors and greatly improve operational costs of any enterprise. We understand that every company structure has it’s flaws and areas where workflow can be greatly improved. We automate, integrate and develop structures and solutions to complex problems.

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Lightning fast data aggregation

We create database solutions that allow easy data collection (one source with integrations). When planning the data structure, we always put efficiency and scalability first.

Data reporting and presentation systems

We design complete (end-to-end) visual data presentation systems to help you make key strategic decisions.

Processess automation

We conduct analysis and interviews to find places and processes where automation can deliver tangible results and clearly impact the efficiency of the entire enterprise.

External systems integration

We integrate distributed data structures that require unnecessary duplication of the same activities. We combine different software to allow fast and error-free information flow

Big Data Management and Optimization

We plan, structure and deploy Big Data systems that provide quick access to data, allowing fast business intelligence decision making.

Machine Learning (AI)

We implement solutions that help to choose more effective business decisions based on large data sets, but also support effective promotional activities.

We are effective, communicative and engaged throughout every stage of digital product lifespan.

Regardless of the scope of the work or the goals we are set, we define the technology, we select the right experts for the team and we create a schedule for the work. In order to maximize efficiency, each project has agile design teams that create, develop and focus only one digital product.

Every process can be optimized.

We implement solutions for fintech, healthcare, retail and wholesale, education and transport sectors. We provide solutions to real problems and optimize every area we analyze.

We start by setting the product goals with the investor, whether it is better cost control, faster information access, or direct sales growth, we are always guided by the investors targets and business decisions.

We create lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes (fully clickable and interactive) before we jump to the deployment phase, we consult on solutions we are implementing with the investor at every stage.


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