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We develop innovative, cloud-based bespoke Software as a Service (SaaS)

When approaching SaaS we always focus on it’s ROI and business goals. Our experience led us to develop processes that provide clear overview of costs and schedule allowing us to provide best value without impacting user experiences and cutting on functionalities. We understand that SaaS development is a continues process that requires reliable software engineers. Feel free to ask how we can help you convert your idea into working, living and profitable app.


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We understand the value of investment made by client and always participate in decision making processes. Custom software development requires open communication and common goals understanding. We are the ones with technical knowledge that can improve and optimize costs but we are alway led by industry understanding that our clients have.


We work with multiple web technologies (PHP, Ruby, Python, React, Angular etc.) and efficient SQL databases (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.). We always try to improve our technological stack by working with new technologies and looking for places where we can grow. We understand technology as a mean to creating optimized, fast and maintainable software and consider technology choice as one of our main tasks during initial software ideation and design stage.


Our processes and highly specialized team of designers, developers, testers and product managers allows us to discover, ideate, design, develop, test and improve any software that we create.



01. Digital product discovery

When approaching any product we always start with discovery stage. We understand that it is up to us to direct client to a solution that will greatly improve as many processes as possible. Our task at this stage is to analyze data that we already have and look at what competition is doing. Understanding the business model, competition and overall industry landscape.

02. Custom solutions ideation phase

With all the discovery intel that we have w try to iterate as many ideas as we can at the same time consulting those with the client. At this stage we will suggest solutions and functionalities that will greatly improve and help to overtake the competition. Those will be the building blocks of design stage.

03. Digital product UI and UX design

Working on any software UI design requires deep understanding of clients business and available solutions. At this stage digital product comes to life with interactive mockups. The design process is always consulted with dev team allowing not only to choose better solutions but also to optimize some of them to be more cost effective. Every UI element needs to let users work effectively with the software not only providing foundation for development but also providing early access to future solutions.

04. Custom software development

We implement software based on discovery, ideation and design stage. It allows us to invest in initially tested digital product - through interactive mockups. This approach allows developers to see the idea, goals and functionalities the way they are expected to work. Developers create initial database structure and automated tests alongside implementing functionalities of future software.

05. Custom software testing

After first version (Alpha) is ready our manual testers thoroughly look for bugs, issues and discrepancies between initial guidelines and UI design mockups. At this stage UX designer and UI designer check if the idea, interaction quality and information architecture works as expected. If adjustments above simple bugs resolutions are needed this is the stage at which those are made.

06. Digital product launch and further development

We deploy tested software and provide support but our work usually does not end here. We constantly improve based on users feedback, create additional functionalities and find new ways to improve more processes. We develop new features and maintain working code with software updates.

Dominik Żochowski

Project manager

Hi, I’m Project Manager at Coal.Software with more then 10 year of experience. I've managed hundreds of digital products ranging from mobile apps, SaaS platforms, CRM systems, eCommerce platforms, Data visualization and aggregation, and many more. If you  want to improve processes, expand your business or just want to know how I can help, drop me a line.

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