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Transportation management software improving communication between driver and dispatcher and orders control.

The goal was to improve communication, information flow and overall enterprise performance. We designed and implemented management software that provides complete and effective control of a vehicles fleet, drivers and warehouses, and provides reliable statistical information on each freight costs.


Problem description

Logistics is where decision-making speed and efficiency are crucial and where errors can generate very high operating costs. The decisions must be based on knowledge and awareness of the environment, but they cannot be centralized. It requires huge knowledge and market overview for a central decision-making centre to be able to consciously and effectively choose, determine costs and organise the services provisions. Additional problems are quality control and assurance. In order to manage a fleet effectively, it is essential to know not only the availability of the vehicles, but also their technical condition, the load and the status of the drivers.

This amount of information cannot be stored in ordinary spreadsheets, where versions in different departments may differ, in which the increasing amount of information becomes a problem, rather than the source of Business Intelligence that it could be. At the conceptual stage, we noticed how specific, complex and nuanced the logistics industry is and that there is no room for standardised, inefficient solutions which are poorly optimized and slow.


The solution

We knew that the management software had to be a source of control, but it should also serve as a tool for better decisions making. It can both prevent errors and outline cost-effective, efficient alternative solutions.

We developed a system that allows control of vehicles and drivers availability and condition, but also provides full overview of the costs associated with each freight. Inspectors can spend and receive vehicles through a specially designed application and drivers can report costs directly from the route. The solution also allows direct communication between drivers and management, enabling tracking and cost control. Unlike standardized Logistics management systems, the system is optimized for specific time-critical transport conditions, allowing users to obtain complete information about the financial effectiveness of the service in a milliseconds.


We developed a system that allows control of vehicles and drivers availability and condition, but also provides full overview of the costs associated with each freight.


the time needed to find, filter out and use cost information for all freights on the route


Integrations with external API’s that automate the order, refueling, and commissioning process.


the average response time of the scripts and server to any of the actions in the management panel


The standardized solutions for the Logistics industry are mostly old and unsuitable for current market conditions. We needed to design and implemented a tool that is free of these critical flaws. We knew that time is crucial - not only the quality of the service was important, but also the price and the costs involved. The system needed to be fast, optimized for the structure and specific characteristics of the industry, and should reduce the time required for each employee to complete any task.

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