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Support requests and team management online app

For businesses that need better control over their work and the ability to delegate tasks to individual employees, we have created an app in the Coal Management cloud. The goal was to enable the smooth and simple transfer of support request created by customer directly to the person performing the task. The app also allows the customer to monitor the time and to determine the cost of the work.

Problem description

Project management can be very chaotic and time-consuming - disappearing mails, forgotten information provided on Slack, or misinterpreted and incorrectly implemented tasks are issues that are common to any project, task or order. This is an age-old problem with the flow of information and communication, which are, after all, repetitive actions that can be improved and which, if not structured, can lead to serious errors, generate unnecessary costs and frustration.

Standardized solutions require a lot of unnecessary activities that generally do not reduce the amount of work and may, in extreme conditions, require more effort than chaotic management by Slack, Discord or Teams. We wanted to change that, we wanted the communication to be clear, connected and efficient.




The goal was simple, we want the customer to create a “post-it note”, which the project manager will stick onto the monitor of the relevant specialist, and then remove when he confirms the execution of the task. Then it can be returned to the customer with „done” status.

Based on the above we planned and implemented a system that requires only the customer to add a request and attach the appropriate files. The project manager then reviews the request, classifies, specifies, and communicates it to the appropriate specialist with a single click. After completion, the project manager receives information from the system that the specialist has handed over the task for testing. After marking the task as completed and determining the number of hours spent on it single or collective information can be sent automatically, directly from the system to the customer.

In addition, unlike Post-it notes, the system allows for complete control of the history of requests, control of their costs and efficient information flow without the need to repeat, duplicate or misinterpret tasks. Transferring a task from specialist to specialist, collaboration through comments, multiple experts tasks assignment and a priority system based on deadlines make project management simple and extremely effective.


We created a web based App for handling service requests and managing teamwork, allowing full control of support requests history and efficient flow of information without having to repeat, duplicate any tasks.


reduced implementation time and transfer of a critical request to a specialist from 3 hours to 30 minutes


resolved, acknowledged or assigned requests within first hour


requests carried out by specialists without any need to further clarify the request


All available project management solutions have one key disadvantage. They are too complex, which makes them difficult to use and learn. We designed a system that focuses on simplicity and automation - the customer enters a request, it is passed to a specialist, and is then carried out. With such a simple structure, project management is simply a matter of choosing a specialist and can be done with a single click.

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