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Social network created specifically for horse enthusiasts and equestrians!

Equitana is a place where horse enthusiasts can meet, share their experiences, and build lasting bonds with other enthusiasts of these majestic animals. The aim of the project was to create a convenient tool for easy networking, sharing knowledge, and inspiration. We are proud to have created a platform that brings people together and inspires them to further develop their passion.

Project Stages

Workshops and Planning:
Before starting the design process, we thoroughly discussed the needs of the equestrian community. We conducted an analysis to understand which features and elements are most important to them. Based on this, we developed a strategy to meet expectations and create an inspiring online environment.

Interface Design:
The design team focused on creating an intuitive and attractive interface. It was important for users to easily find their favorite features while also having access to new and interesting content. It was crucial to focus on mobile version so that users could access the portal from anywhere.

Programming Stage
The programming team implemented features that allow users to share their passions, photos, and experiences. We incorporated an activity feed with a gallery and comments, thematic groups, and the ability to organize and promote equestrian events.

Beta Testing:
Before the official launch of the platform, we conducted beta tests, allowing us to adjust and improve the web app to meet the expectations and needs of users.


Selected Web App Features

User Profiles:
Every community member can create their unique profile, showcasing their equestrian history. Share photos of their horses, describe their experiences, and equestrian goals.

Horse Profiles:
Horse owners can share their most beautiful moments by posting photos and videos on their profiles. It's an excellent place to share information about the latest events, training, achievements, and more.

Thematic Groups:
Create and join thematic groups to easily find people with similar interests. Whether you prefer competitions, trail rides, or dressage, you'll surely find a community that shares your passion.

Equestrian Events:
Information about upcoming equestrian events, such as competitions, training, or gatherings. Users can also create their events to invite others to participate.

A section full of useful information about companies specializing in the equestrian industry. Our search engine allows users to find renowned equestrian trainers and training centers offering training for riders and horses.

The classifieds section allows browsing and posting equestrian equipment ads, from clothing to horse accessories. Users can post ads if they want to sell or buy specific equipment.

Our initiative allows the equestrian community to interact directly with the foundation and enables the adoption of horses in need. Through the adoption process, you support the foundation in fulfilling its mission and caring for the welfare of animals.


Benefits and Results:

Equitana is not just a social network; it's a place that enables the celebration of a shared passion for horses and equestrianism.


Our portal has contributed to creating a community of horse enthusiasts, enabling them to easily network, share knowledge, and inspire each other.

Promoting Equestrian Activities:
Users can track and participate in various equestrian events, from local competitions to international events.

Support for Equestrian Businesses:
Our system helps local businesses reach new customers. They can sell equestrian equipment, accessories, and offer equestrian services.

Equitana was born from the dream of creating a virtual world where horse lovers and equestrians from around the world can meet, share their experiences, and inspire each other. The main goal was to create a community that not only brings people together with a common passion but also offers them features and tools to fully enjoy their passion.

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