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Web app which was created to provide effective and accessible therapeutic services for individuals seeking support in the realm of mental health.

Our company had the pleasure of participating in the design and implementation of an innovative internet portal that offers online psychotherapeutic assistance. This project was conceived with the goal of providing effective and accessible therapeutic services for individuals seeking support in the realm of mental health.

Project stages

Workshops and Planning:
Project workshops were a key part of the preparations for creating the portal, integrating knowledge and ideas and setting the project's direction. Developing archetypes of portal users, taking into account various needs, expectations, and challenges, helped identify key interaction stages with the portal, from registration to using online therapy sessions.

User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Design:
Working on the portal prototype was a crucial stage in the design process, allowing the design team to visualize and test the main features and user interface before moving to the programming phase. The designed user interface focused on easy navigation, intuitiveness, and aesthetic design.

Programming and Implementation:
Work on the portal's programming stage involved implementing features according to previously defined requirements and specifications, managing the database, ensuring security, and testing. Creating source code encompassed both backend (server) and frontend (user interface).

Beta Testing:
Before the official launch of the platform, we conducted beta testing to adjust and improve the portal to meet users' expectations and needs.


Selected portal functionalities

Therapist Search:
The search engine allows users to find therapists that meet their needs. On the therapist's profile, users can find information about their specializations, experience, and availability.

Appointments and Orders:
This feature enables users to book online therapy sessions at a convenient time. A convenient calendar allows for choosing a suitable day and time for therapy.

Reviews and Ratings:
Users have the ability to rate and review therapists, which helps other clients make choices. Feedback allows therapists to adjust their practice to clients' needs.

Online Payments:
An integrated online payment system enables simple and quick payment for online therapy sessions.

Notifications and Reminders:
The notification system reminds users of upcoming sessions. Automatically generated notifications include a link to the online meeting.

Calendar integration allows therapists to manage availability, set appointment times, and allows patients to book sessions online.

Patient History:
A patient database contains information about session history, therapeutic notes, and any important patient-related information.


Benefits and Results:

Thanks to our platform, mental health has become more accessible, effective, and personalized.

Building community
Users can share their riding experiences, advise each other and develop their skills together.

Effective Practice Organization:
Integrated tools for managing calendars, reservations, and patient data allow psychotherapists to efficiently organize their practice.

Security and Privacy:
Data encryption and advanced security measures ensure complete confidentiality and security during online therapy sessions.

The aim of the project was to create a safe, accessible, and innovative environment in which both psychotherapists and patients can experience high-quality mental health care. Our platform is an opportunity for easier access to high-quality psychotherapeutic care, regardless of geographical limitations. We want everyone seeking support to find the right therapist who will help them achieve better emotional balance and mental health.

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