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We design ergonomical UI’s (user interfaces) that are great UX’s (user experiences)!

Digital products require flawless user experiences that engage users in a simple, understandable and friendly user interface. We analyze, design, prototype and test user interfaces that work for your projects advantage. We love challenges, new ideas, innovative projects that require deep product understanding and user types and motivations.


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We start every project with workshops that are designed to provide us all project details, business goals, target users and many more. Our goal is to understand business side of the project and to combine our technological knowledge and design experience into exceptional user experience. During workshops there is always project manager and senior developer present. This allows us not only to listen but to suggest possible functionalities, solutions and technologies.


We design Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi, clickable prototypes that allow you to experience your future digital product almost as if it was already developed. This allows us to craft user experiences before an app or software is developed. We consult and test multiple solutions and design choices. Interactive UI design allows us to specify costs, choose technology and create cost effective road map for future development.


We work with highly skilled and experienced UI and UX designers. We can provide high-fidelity interactive or static prototypes designed in Figma, InVision, Sketch or Affinity Designer.



01. Initial workshop

Our first workshop is designed to provide us as many details as possible. We create personas, focus on functionalities and talk through competition and business environment. At this stage we let our imagination go wild and try to find key elements of future digital product.

02. First design drafts

We design first screens of the app to provide you with the feel and design language that we see fit for the app or software. Our experience thought us that Hi-Fi, fully colored first drafts and, with them, overall design language of an app minimizes the risk of poor Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi mockups translation.

03. Consultation workshop

At this stage we discuss, modify and adjust the initial designs. Our goal is always to meet business goals with users expectations and usability. We want the design to not only work but also convey the character and principles of future digital product.

04. Interactive prototypes design

After consultation we design fully interactive, mobile and desktop friendly versions of the design. At this stage everything is planned and designed - from pop-ups, though forms all the way to how buttons and inputs should work and feel.

05. Development specification

Our work is not just a design, we want to make sure that the development team understands the importance of each design decision. We believe that truly great digital experiences require every detail to be thoroughly thought out, planned and implemented with high level of precision.

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Dominik Żochowski

Project manager

Hi, I’m Project Manager at Coal.Software with more then 15 year of experience. I've managed hundreds of digital products ranging from mobile apps, SaaS platforms, CRM systems, eCommerce platforms, Data visualization and aggregation, and many more. If you  want to improve processes, expand your business or just want to know how I can help, drop me a line.

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We developed a system that allows control of vehicles and drivers availability and condition, but also provides full overview of the costs associated with each freight.

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