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Highly skilled agile development teams

Agile development allows for fast, effective and target oriented digital products creation. Our agile teams consist of highly skilled developers, UI and UX designers, testers, DevOps and product managers. We are able to help in software development with full agile teams, individual specialists or with project management.


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Effective solutions

Software development using agile methodologies are designed to provide effective solutions to real business problems. This requires each team member to deeply understand not only technical and technological limitations and scope but also business goals and environment.

Highly skilled experts

Our agile teams are more than IT outsourcing, we are experts in creating communicative environment in which specialists provide their feedback, propose solutions and optimize processes wherever they see room for improvement. Software development requires conscious decisions and constant communication for which agile teams are designed for.


Our processes and highly specialized team of designers, developers, testers and product managers allows us to discover, ideate, design, develop, test and improve any software that we create.



Frontend and Backend Developers

We work with highly skilled and communicative team of software developers specializing in modern technologies (PHP, Ruby, Python, React, Angular, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.). Our developers are always working to find new ways to improve their technological stack helping business achieve it’s goals.

UI and UX designers

Understanding technological limitations and digital product design experience are crucial for effective user interface and experience design. Our UI and UX designers have experience and technical background allowing them to design solutions the greatly improve development process. We use Figma, Sketch, Affinity, Invision and Adobe software to provide HI-FI mockups and fully animated and interactive designs to allow for better testing before development starts.

DevOps engineers

Every team requires environment in which they can use their skills as effective as possible. Our DevOps engineers are always trying to improve communication, product deployment and testing quality. We understand that every developer has their characteristics and preferences. Our DevOps engineers are not only providing environment but also provide fast feedback and instructions to developers which can greatly improve software development.

Manual testers

We work on scripts but always try to improve them. Software testers are not only to check if everything is working as expected but should also identify what might be improved, what takes too much time and highlight issues they encounter with full trace. They are key to providing working digital product with minimal risk of high priority issues being detected after deployment

Digital product managers

Our agile software development teams are also managed by experience products owners. This is key component of successful and effective digital product creation. Software development is always driven by business. Our product managers are skilled in discovery and understand technological limitations they are crucial component translating business needs to developers and designers.

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Dominik Żochowski

Project manager

Hi, I’m Project Manager at Coal.Software with more then 15 year of experience. I've managed hundreds of digital products ranging from mobile apps, SaaS platforms, CRM systems, eCommerce platforms, Data visualization and aggregation, and many more. If you  want to improve processes, expand your business or just want to know how I can help, drop me a line.

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Transportation management software

We developed a system that allows control of vehicles and drivers availability and condition, but also provides full overview of the costs associated with each freight.

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