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Bespoke utility vehicles sales supporting app

A dedicated app for utility vehicle industry allowing communication between the customer, the trader and the body manufacturer. For those looking for highly specialized utility vehicles, we designed and developed an app that allows to request a quote, compare offers and order from multiple contractors. All in one place.

Problem description

In utility vehicle industry where efficiency, optimization and cost justification are crucial, there was no place where buyers could communicate, make enquiries and order utility vehicles efficiently. Typically, the buyer must submit an enquiry and compare bids in multiple locations, multiple formats and containing different scope. This makes it hard to compare and choose the right offer fast while being sure that user is choosing the most favorable bid.

Additionally, suppliers of utility vehicles and bodies often possess unclaimed bodies or parts in their stock, that are difficult to find - those are usually very specialized and unique solutions.


The solution

We have designed and developed a comprehensive app that allows to configure any utility vehicle and send a enquiry to selected suppliers. Suppliers have their accounts and their employees' accounts, which allows transfer of leads to the appropriate people and allows for direct, efficient communication between users. The system also allows to create, transfer and approve a supplier’s offer, allowing users to complete almost the entire ordering process in one place.

For commercial users we’ve also created offer landing pages whit their unique URL’s, advertisement tools and company chats. Developed database structure allows the creation of links between products and configurations, further facilitating the user's decision in choosing a service provider.


We designed and developed a comprehensive bespoke app that allows users to configure utility vehicles and send quotation requests to selected suppliers.

20 000 +

possible intersections and combinations of utility vehicles and bodies


user account types with completely different features and associations


Interconnected tools that facilitate stock exchange, offers swap as well as configurations


We started the design process with a number of workshops with the investor to help us fully understand the target audience and the specific characteristics of the industry. This led us to focus on streamlining the ordering process allowing users to choose and order complex utility vehicles while having an option to compare between multiple offers. Thanks to the long ideation process, configurator and micro e-commerce subpages were created, creating a comprehensive app for utility vehicles sellers and buyers.

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