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Bespoke sales presentation and orders management software generating personalized PDF offers.

The app can provide company information, services and products overview but it can also collect information about variants chosen by customers providing valuable insights on their expectations and decisions causes.

Problem description

In the insurance industry, customer relationships and understanding of needs are key. The customer service broker is the main contact during the conclusion of a contract, but also at the time of claim settlement. Customers require assistance in selecting offer related to the constantly expanding industry of financial services. Brokerage offers are often the result of highly detailed interviews, long-lasting conversations, and a presentation of the benefits of one type of offer over the other. With such a complex sales process, requiring broad product knowledge, it is important that the customer is aware of the decisions made, but also has confidence in the broker that he understands his needs and requirements.

The key problem is the volatility of insurance industry and always changing business landscape. It is often necessary to compare historical offers, make effective presentations of changes, and support decision-making that is critical for the scope of the offer. In regular PowerPoint and printed presentations, the problem is being sure that customer is aware of every element of the offer. In addition, a simple presentation document does not provide analytics overview of how he or she responds to offer elements. Additionally, needs and business landscape can change, documents might be updated between two meetings and it might influence the offer scope.


The solution

We designed and developed an online presentation tool that not only directs user to appropriate slides when they make specific decision, but also allows them to review those decisions, compare alternatives and upsell specific services. All this, while recording decision time, user journey and sales representative effectiveness.

The app allows creation of dynamic charts, decision slides, information pages or advanced forms and calculators. Not only has the system improved the way presentations are carried out, it also allows to conclude online contracts wherever the client and presentation is. Unlike standardized solutions, the system monitors response times, allows to create sections, and generate PDF summary files that contain a detailed path of each presentation.

While presentations are made in front of a potential customer you can collect valuable business information - preferences, moods and appeal of a particular offer. We've created an app that allows offer presentation while recording clients choices, decision time, and preferences in real time. What’s even more useful is that the project allows to generate an offer based on the decisions made and, consequently, to generate a personalized quotation.

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